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Group Ride Details

Map and Cue Sheet

This is it, the classic Saturday Sag Harbor ride. During its decades of history it has built strong riders, lasting friendships and even the Sag Harbor Cycle Company.

The ride leaves the shop at 7 am Saturday 7am Saturday (7:30 after Labor Day). The first dozen miles are a social affair, riding from Sag Harbor to the ocean at an easy pace. The ride arrives at Georgica Beach in East Hampton around 7:40(8:10 after Labor Day), at which point we pick up some more riders and break up into A (the “Lead” – strong and experienced cyclists, which paces at 22-25 mph) and B (the “Chase” – mid-level cyclists experienced in pace line riding, which paces at 19-21 mph) 

The next 28 miles are generally the most exertion of everyone’s week. Depending on the day and who shows, it can range in tempo from brisk to drag race.

The road stays flat from the beach through mile 30 or so, but don’t be deceived. A headwind is invariably pushing you back when it’s your turn to pull. Don’t back down, it’ll make you stronger.The primary goal first and foremost is to arrive back at the shop upright, shot up on endorphins and ready to socialize.

We like to push ourselves but in a collaborative way that looks out for our fellow cyclist. Good form is judged by proper paceline etiquette, not just VO2 readings. We call out potholes, turns and turtles knowing that there is less room for error  speed.


There’s a sprint at the end of Swamp Road, safety permitting, and then we catch our breath for the couple of miles back to the shop. Stick around for some refreshments, muffins, bagels and the chance to replay all the highlights.

We look forward to riding with you.